Mediation and Risk Management
(Transcendental Mediation)*

Mr. Commins has successfully mediated cases both as a private mediator and as a pro tem judge handling over one hundred settlement conferences in San Francisco Superior Court.  Mr. Commins mediated the sale of the majority of assets of the Codera Wine Group, Inc.  After representing the company for a decade as outside counsel, Mr. Commins was asked to mediate the diverging interests of its shareholders.  This process led to the successful sale of the Blackstone brand and related assets in October 2001 for approximately $140 million.

Mr. O’Brien brings 50 years of experience to his work as a neutral.  For seven years from 2000 to 2007 he served as a Commissioner on the Workman’s Compensation Appeals Board.  Since then he has been an effective mediator and arbitrator.

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